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Ash Gourd Safed Petha ( 2-3 Kg ) (सफेद पेठा)

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 Safed petha in English is known as ash gourd. It is called a winter Melon and pumpkin and some areas, though both are different types of foods used for different purposes. The Safed Petha is rich in nutritional and medical properties, and it is considered very useful for the human body. You can find safe petha in many Indian households as it is a common vegetable used by everyone.

The safed petha has many amazing healing properties as it is rich in many essential vitamins and minerals. This vegetable contains a good source of calcium, iron, vitamin c etc. Many people find this vegetable ideal for weight loss as it has a high-water content which helps them do so. Also, some people make petha juice and drink it early in the morning for better health. This vegetable is considered a good and highly nutritious one for everyone who knows how healthy it is. It also helps improve your digestion and promotes a healthy body weight. So, if anyone wants a good nutrition source or wants to lose their body weight, then this might be the best possible and cheapest option for you. 

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