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Imported Babu Bosa (Soft/ Large / 520-650 Gms/Pkt) (बाबू बोसा)

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Nash or babu bosa fruit is one of the most loved fruits worldwide. Also known as a pear in foreign countries, this fruit is known for its taste and health benefits. But the quality of the babu bosa fruit consumed has a great role to play in many cases. Make sure that you select the best pears for consumption. 


An ideal  babbu bosa fruit should be firm and not at all hard. The texture should be smooth, and there should be no molds on the surface. There are pears with brown speckled patches, which are really great for consumption as they add flavor to every bite. It intensifies the taste. Punctured  Babugosha  fruit should be strictly avoided. Squeezing the portion below the stem tells a lot about the quality of the fruit. The fruit is deemed consumable if the area gives in to pressure and overripe if the area seems fleshy and squishy.  If you wish  eat Babu Bosa fruit in pregnancy, eat samll quainity only .   

Babu bosa fruit has so many health benefits to offer apart from its amazing taste. The first and most evident reason is the low calories it has. With high roughage and low calories, this fruit can help in shedding down extra weight. The vitamin C it has can help prevent cancer as well. Many cardiovascular diseases will never be exhibited if babu bosa fruit is consumed regularly. Peeling off the skin of pear and eating it can help to cure colon problems in one week. With so many additional benefits, it is needless to say that it deserves to be a part of a person's daily diet.


So, what are you waiting for? Get the best babu bosa fruit delivered at your doorstep with Pajasa Agro and enjoy your healthy fruit. Get it delivered safe, fresh, and verified.    Babu Bosa Name in English and hindi is nealy about similer.

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